Lusitanos Perform in Prancing with the Stars to Benefit the 2024 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

On April 13, 2024, Daniela Siberio will welcome the public to her farm, Lusitano Masters, in Loxahatchee, Fla., for an afternoon of dressage for a good cause. Prancing with the Stars of Dressage will raise funds for the 2024 Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Palm Beach. The centerpiece of the event will be freestyle dressage performed by Siberio and her Lusitanos, but there will be plenty of additional fun for everyone.

How Young Riders From the Benestar Ranch Fundraised Their Way to Grand National Dreams

At the 2023 International Friesian Horse Show Association (IFSHA) Grand National, there was a group of young riders who stood out. They could be seen competing in-hand and under saddle, supporting each other on the rail and sharing enthusiastic hugs in the warm-up ring after a successful class, even when they were competing against each other. None of these youth equestrians had competed at this level before, and their inspiring journey to the championship was the talk of the show.

Coaching for the Team: How a U.S. Dressage Senior Team Member Coaches NAYC Athletes

Athletes and coaches who have been to the FEI North American Youth Championships (NAYC) often point to the exposure to international team competition as one of the primary benefits of the experience. With limited opportunities for equestrian athletes in the western hemisphere to compete on a team before reaching the senior levels of the sport, NAYC serves as an important steppingstone for young athletes with international aspirations.

Looking Back at the 2023 Pan American Games with Anna Marek and Kerri Short

When U.S. dressage athlete Anna Marek returned from the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, she came home with valuable experience, a strengthened partnership with her horse Fire Fly, and some hardware—team gold and individual bronze.

“This was my first major championship experience,” said Marek. “I’ve been on two Nations Cup teams, but both were in Wellington, so the Pan Ams were the first major championship on a senior team that I’ve done.”

Reflecting on the FEI World Cup™ Finals with Debbie McDonald

The 2023 FEI World Cup Finals are set to take place in Omaha, Neb., returning to the United States 20 years after the first-ever win by an American dressage athlete. In 2003, Debbie McDonald and Brentina, the 1991 Hanoverian mare owned by Parry and Peggy Thomas, earned the World Cup Final victory in Göteborg, Sweden. Two years later, they had another podium finish when they won third place at the 2005 FEI World Cup Finals in Las Vegas, Nev., thanks in part to their electric musical freestyle per

Nations Cups and European Outings: How Jumping and Eventing Athletes Move Up the Development Pathway

For athletes with aspirations to compete at the elite level, there is a long path from competing at the national level to representing the U.S. at international championships. The USEF development pathways for each FEI discipline help bring promising athletes along each step of the way, ensuring the best chance at success.

In spring of 2022, developing teams in eventing and jumping both had important outings in Europe. On the jumping side, a team of young athletes competed at CSIO3* FEI Jumping

Lessons in Compromise: The Henry Clay Student Congress

“This is a picture of what policy making in its ideal state could look like,” says Madison McCauley, a student from Texas Christian University who participated in the 2017 Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship’s Student Congress. “We’re all college students and we’re all about to start our careers in the real world, so hopefully this is a true reflection of what the future could be.”

10 Essentials to Pack When Taking Your Horse Trail Riding

Trail riding is one of the most fun activities you can do with your horse. It can be a relaxing break from schooling in the arena, whether you go for a short jaunt through the woods nearby or out to the mountains for an overnight equestrian adventure. Preparation is key to enjoying an hour, a day or a weekend on the trail. For starters, you and your horse need to be physically and mentally fit for the task. You’ll also need to pack the appropriate gear for the length of your ride. “Even if you’r

Horses Learn to Communicate Blanket Preferences with Symbols

The debate over whether or not horses should wear blankets will probably never end in equestrian circles, but now, at last, the horses can weigh in on the debate. Recent research provides some insight into blanketing, and more importantly, shows the incredible learning and communication abilities of horses.

In a study published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science, researchers at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute taught a group of 23 horses to indicate their blanket preference by sel

Too Heavy to Ride

In the spring of 2013, research out of Duchy College in the United Kingdom suggested that many riders were heavy enough to cause welfare concerns for their horses. The study was based on the assertion that a rider should ideally weigh 10 percent of her horse’s weight. As word of the research spread around equestrian circles, riders did some quick mental math—and panicked.

If an average riding horse weighs 1,000 pounds, then the ideal rider would weigh 100 pounds—not exactly an attainable goal f